Trepidation v0.0.26 is out!

After quite a long wait we are happy to announce the release of Trepidation 0.0.26.   Scroll down for a list of new changes to this version.

Want to try it?  Download it here.



- 21 multiplayer levels (maps). 

- Quake 3 and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Map Compatibility. 

- An original soundtrack featuring 11 original tracks.

 - 7 Game Modes. - In game Voice Over IP Support (VOIP) 

- All New Weapons 

- Instagib Modifier Available On Most Game Modes. 

- Build defensive Gun Turrets in capture the flag.

 - Random Map Rotations 

- New features for Mappers.


- You can now drop weapons. 

- 4 new music tracks by DiVinity 

- Siginificant Improvements to Trepidation Gametype + Instagib.

 - New One 4 All Gametype in Single Player Mode. 

- Bots can now, somewhat decently, play the Trepidation gametype. 

- Now Compatible with maps for Star Trek Elite Force and Quake 3. 

- A few brand new maps. 

- Several Maps Revamped 

- New Gametypes modes, One4All, Reverse CTF. - Build Gun Turrets to defend your flag. - Random Map Rotations - Server admins, setup simple file based map rotations. - Lots of bugfixes

Detailed Changelog 

Most Recent Changes First 

- Configuration menu now reflects and functions correctly with modern resolutions.

- New intro video.

- Fixed issue on single player arsenal, that would result if instagib was set to 1.

- New Version of CTF_JUNCTION_2

- ctf_battlefield has had a major facelift.

- Dystopia has had a major facelift.

- Major updates to ctf_trepxus, ctf_pyramid2, ctf_aversion, ctf_battlefield, dystopia

- New Maps: oarpg3dm2_s, dread2 and station145

- Added cl_multiuser for windows users, changing this to 0 will use the base directory for map downloads and configs instead of the appdata folder.

- Bots can no longer pickup flight

- LFO Rifle always starts with 40 ammo now.

- Fix redundant skill levels in bot files

- More tweaks to default video settings

- Corrected default video resolution

- New Map Trep_War_Ring_2

- ctf_pyramide2 has been revised and improved.

- Bot issues on ctf_pyramide2 have been resolved.

- Made error message clearer about version mismatches.

- You can now drop weapons using /drop or binding a key from the settings menu.

- Fixed issue where instagib would revert off in trepidation gametype.

- Fixed issue where powerups wouldn't show up in arsenal correctly if instagib was set to 1.

- Fixed issue where new buildable items are announced more than once.

- Fixed issue where player remains immobilized after team scores and buildables are destroyed.

- Water on some ef maps now shows up correctly.

- fixed reference to default.cfg in engine, should be trepidation.cfg

- Added some of the new settings to the default cfg file (trepidation.cfg)

- Added 4 new tracks by DiVinity

- Updated engine defaults r_stencilbits 8 r_texturebits 32 r_colorbits 32 r_depthbits 32

- Updated trep radiant.

- Fixed issue where deaths where not getting counted correctly when they are self inflicted.

- Changed a handful of defaults in the engine for better looking graphics: r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic 4 r_flares 1 cg_shadows 2 r_detailTextures 1

- Accuracy on scoreboard now shows # of deaths instead.

- Fixed missing model on error screen.

- Cannot join a server running a different version of Trepidation (this would royally screw up the game)

- Client will no longer try to download official game pak files from server.

- Fixed yet another bug where you would remained zoomed after warmup.

- Fixed arsenal and survival grapple settings in single player.

- Turrets and immobilizers are harder to destroy in instagib.

- Fixed ctf sample server configurations.

- Changed various text referring to the old (still working) website url.

- Changed DM to FFA to reflect free for all wording.




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Dec 02, 2019

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