Behind The scenes

It's been awhile since a website update, but we have been hard at work and it's past due time for a progress report.

First and foremost we have a new team member. We are happy to welcome Squiciene to the development team, Squiciene is working on GFX and level design, he is responsible for some of the map makeovers you'll see, as well as some all new levels. You can see some of his work in the screenshots below.

What we are working on:

We are fixing bugs left and right, and there are plenty more to squash before the next milestone, a full list of open issues for the next milestone can be found here. And of course all of the latest and greatest changes are documented in the changelog.  Without listing out every single thing we are working on, here are some highlights.

  • Major Fixes to Instagib Mode on the Trepidation Game Type
  • A lot more compatibility with Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Maps.
  • MP3 support
  • A lot of rendering changes, that make the game look significantly better.
  • Many of the maps are getting a makeover. (see screenshots below).
  • New Maps in The Works.
  • Issues on existing maps are getting fixed.
  • New in-game Music.

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